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13 Exciting Tips to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Choosing the best car insurance policy is crucial to get full auto coverage and prevent spending premium much on insurance policies.

As auto insurance is necessary, you should know average car insurance costs to ensure that you have done a better deal in terms of its coverage and premium.

Here are the 13 vital tips that you should know and follow to save excess money spent on car insurance.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

For good premiums, you should consider shopping around and get car insurance quotes from different companies like Geico, Progressive, Berkshire Hathaway, USAA, Allstate, Auto-Owners and more. It is always good to get quotes from other companies every year or two to check for its lower rates.

Get Multiple Quotes
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In this way, you can compare your premium and get the best low-cost car insurance with great discounts. Also, check for the coverage offered in the insurance and then proceed with the policy.

2. Drive Safely

The premium amount of insurance is calculated based on the driver getting involved in accidents.

Make sure the driver is an expert in driving and aware of traffic rules as it potentially helps in reducing Car Insurance Premium by preventing risks.

Drive Safely
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As a single ticket, could improve your premium by 22% you should always make a safe driver and get discounts between 10% and 23%. This will help in balancing your auto rates in the future.

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3. Install Car Safety and Anti-Theft Devices

Installation of car safety devices like anti-lock brakes, electronic safety controls, car alarms airbags, and automatic seat belts is important for life.

Install Car Safety and Anti-Theft Devices
Source: The Hartford Extra Mile

All these features and safety devices guard against theft of your auto and also offers a discount. Hence, this results in saving a significant amount of expenses over insurance.

4. Set Up Automatic Payments

Speaking of payment: pay more, less often. Many companies make a bill for each payment depending on your standing premium.

If you pay every 6 months or a year instead of paying month to month, you will have to pay fewer charges and service expenses with commercial auto insurance.

SetUp Automatic Payments
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Moreover, most insurance companies will offer you a minor rebate if you pursue auto-pay (EFT), where your bill payment is automatically and electronically gets withdrawn from your bank account.

5. Boost Your Credit score

A credit score is playing a vital role to get a beneficiary car insurance policy. You should keep it balanced as it is helpful when you buy car insurance online and offline.

Boost Credit Score
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Better scores help in driving the cheap and credible policy for your vehicle. Make sure that the premiums were being paid regularly and on time. A little deadly can cost your score a hell lot!

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6. Raise Your Deductibles

Think to opt for the right insurance by increasing your deductibles and coverage options. When policyholders buy them, it costs a high car insurance premium.

Raise Your Deductibles
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Get the car insurance estimate from the leading insurance service providers like Geico, Progressive, USAA and others to know its coverage. Always prefer spending more on the premium upfront to reduce spending from your pocket.

By increasing your deductibles, you can reduce your premium up to 20%.

7. Avoid High-Risk Cars

Your policy rate can be determined by the type of vehicle you drive.

Usually, sports cars have excessive premium insurance amounts because of their high risk of disaster. So, it needs higher collision coverage.

Avoid High-Risk Cars
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Likewise, greater SUVs, in general, will cost you more to than smaller (safe) vehicles. With smaller vehicles, you get a 5% discount.

Besides, new auto also has higher premiums than old or used vehicles.

8. Pay By the Mile

Less risk means lower premiums. You should think of lowering the use of your car. The less your drive, the less risk you face. It reduces your insurance amount as well.

Pay By the Mile
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Certain companies offer “low-mileage discounts” opting for which you can save money. You should take public transportation or a two-wheeler when possible.

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9. Long-term Insurance Cover

Having a short term policy might result in a high budget on insurance premiums. So you should always have a long policy term as it will likely reduce your premium rate.

Long-term Insurance Cover
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Get your quote with car insurance companies like Geico, State Farm and Others. Pay your insurance at once instead of paying it in installment. And you get this longer premium policy at a reasonable rate.

10. Combine Insurance Policies

A great way to save money on policies is by combining them. If you have more than one auto, you should bundle them together. Get multiple car insurance quotes for better savings.

They offer discounts from 5% to 25% for bundling your premiums. So check if these are available and applicable for you. With this, you enjoy working with one company and a single billing system.

Combine Insurance Policies

It reduces the cost of your commercial auto insurance policy. There is a chance of receiving a discount for combining insurance policies that are of similar types.

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11. Reduce Your Coverage

As your auto old, you have to consider dropping certain coverage as they are normally covered and you do not necessarily need to pay a premium for them. Make sure you are not exceeding your vehicle amount to that of insurance premium.

Reduce Coverage
Source: Business Today

With the leading service provider like Gieco, gets the car insurance estimate cost of your car replacement to make a fair deal on premium policy. Compare your premium amount to keep the coverage cost in place.

12. Discounts for Student Drivers

Young drivers are the costliest factors of your premium insurance as teenagers are most likely to get into the danger of mishaps.

However, the insurance companies offer great student discounts from 15% to 25% for drivers younger than age 25. With this discount, your monthly rate will marginally get lowered if the teen keeps up at least a B average.

Student or Teen Drivers

If you want to balance and strengthen the traditional teen-driver, your teen has to take a defensive safety course. This will help your kids to be more careful and safe on the road.

13. Take a Defensive Driving Program

To drive safely, you need to take up a defensive driving course. Along with ensuring safety, it also helps you in reducing your car insurance premiums as it reduces risks.

Several insurance companies offer discounts of 5% to 15% for drivers who take up driving safety courses as it demonstrates a high level of responsibility and lowers accidents.

Take a defensive driving Program

Also, a defensive driving course protects yourself and your car in case others on the road are driving irresponsibly or erratically.

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The Bottom Line

Hence, by following the above-given tips, you will be useful for cutting costs on your premium insurance policy. Feel free to drop your feedback or tip (if any) in the comment section.

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