Most Richest Criminals in the World

17 Most Richest Criminals in the World All-time

Everybody will be eager enough to know, who are the richest gangsters around the world. We are in the stage to accept that though they did the crime, their money making is much extensive.

Here is the list of 17 richest criminals who lived a sophisticated life by doing illegal activities. Let’s see whether your mind popped up the exact criminals.

#1. Pablo Escobar | Net Worth: $30 billion

Years Active: 1956 – 1993

Nationality: Colombian

Pablo Escobar was the richest criminal in the world. One of the most brutal and the most successful drug lord of all time in Colombia. Pablo was so rich that he once paid Colombia’s foreign debt.

Pablo Escobar
Source: Pinterest

The police hated him, at the same time, the people loved him as he showered them with the gifts. He inspires the people continuously with his films and documentaries.

#2. Amado Carrillo Fuentes | Net Worth: $25 billion

Years Active: 1956 – 1997

Nationality: Mexican

Fuentes was the second rich criminal in drug-related crime after Pablo. He is having the nickname “The Lord of the Skies” due to the number of jet airliners he has.

Amado Carrillo Fuentes
Source: El Cierre Digital

Amado Carrillo killed his boss and the head of Juárez Cartel of Mexico. His death has a mystery while he endured 8 hours of plastic surgery. His bodyguards might have killed him and the plastic surgeons too.

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#3. Semion Mogilevich | Net Worth: $10 billion

Years Active: 1946 – Present

Nationality: Russian

Semion Mogilevich was the third rich criminal in the world and was the most wanted list in the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). He is one of the most dangerous men in the world because he is considered as boss of all the bosses in the Russian mafias.

Semion Mogilevich
Source: Daily Mirror

Mogilevich has tremendous crime empire of wire fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, mail fraud, gun trafficking, contract killing, and more. Because of his powerful political connections, he managed to escape and live freely in Moscow for many years.

#4. Viktor Bout | Net Worth: $7.3 billion

Years Active: 1967 – Present

Nationality: Russian

Viktor Bout, Russian arms dealer, was convicted of conspiracy to kill the U.S. officials and aiding FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and involves in the criminal activities of wire fraud and money laundering. He has used to be in building the soviet experience to one Russian billionaire.

Viktor Bout
Source: Christian Science Monitor

In 2014, he hired former U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft to represent and overturn his conviction. And in 2016, he dared President Donald Trump to pardon him.

#5. Dawood Ibrahim | Net Worth: $6.7 billion

Years Active: 1954 – Present

Nationality: Indian

Starting off as a small-time gambler, he is now a global key in the terror network named as Dawood Ibrahim.

The Mumbai bomb blast in 1993 has coordinated by him. His organized crime as drug trafficker and mobster is known to be as the D-Company.

Dawood Ibrahim
Source: Mint

Dawood Ibrahim has tied-up with Al-Qaeda and more terrorist groups. In India, he is in the wanted list with a reward $25 million.

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#6. Khun Sa | Net Worth: $5 billion

Years Active: 1934 – 2007

Nationality: Myanmar (Burma)

Khun Sa was a drug lord who controlled the vast drug trade in the Golden Triangle. During this period, he took control of about 70% of the Golden Triangle’s heroin business; he also built an army and large-scale heroin laboratories.

Khun Sa
Source: Alchetron

He has moved the empire traded opium for guns to gain control from the Golden Triangle to Afghanistan after he retired. Khun self-dubbed “King of the Golden Triangle”.

#7. Carlos Lehder | Net Worth: $2.7 Billion

Years Active: 1949 – Present

Nationality: Colombian, German

Carlos Lehder is a co-founder of Medellin Carte, born in Armenia; he controlled the cocaine transport industry on Norman’s Cay island. Like Pablo Escobar, he too volunteered to pay a dept of Colombia.

Carlos Lehder
Source: Wikipedia

While in prison he gets into connection with George Jung, drug trafficker and smuggler, who helped him to import and distribute cocaine from Colombia into the United States.

After 33 years, he got released from jail in June 2020 and exiled to Germany.

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#8. Griselda Blanco | Net Worth: $2 Billion

Years Active: 1943 – 2012

Nationality: Colombia

Griselda Blanco, the famous female gangster in the 70s and 80s, was also known as “La Madrina”, “The Black Widow”, “The Cocaine Queen of Miami”, “The Godmother”. She was best for ruthless contract killings and drug trade. She had ten years in jail on drug charges and retired from crime at the age of 61.

Griselda Blanco
Source: Wikipedia

Blanco killed all her three husbands and responsible for over 200 murders during drug trades; it led to her murder in 2012 at the age of 69.

#9. Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán | Net Worth: $1 Billion

Years Active: 1957 – Present

Nationality: Mexico

El Chapo is one of the most successful drugs traffickers in the world. He named his criminal organization as the Mexican Pacific coast state of Sinaloa. Also, he is a born from a poor farming family.

His father introduced him into this drug dealings by cultivating marijuana and supplying to dealers in the US and Europe.

El Chapo
Source: The New York Times

El Chapo was jailed in 1993 but escaped from the jail in 2001. He involves in smuggling more drugs like meth, heroin, cocaine, marijuana than any other drug lord.

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#10. Anthony Salerno | Net Worth: $600 million

Years Active: 1911 – 1992

Nationality: United States worked as a loan shark

Anthony Salerno was the most potent gangster in America in 1986, also nicknamed as “Fat Tony” because of his size. He began a life of crime dealing gambling, loan sharking. He was one of the top mob bosses in New York and had a Genovese crime family “Ivy League”.

Anthony Salerno
Source: Gramho

He had ranked first in the magazine “The 50 Biggest Mafia Bosses”. Always famous in his outfit of wearing a fedora and smoking a cigar; died of complications from a stroke.

#11. Meyer Lansky | Net Worth: $400 million

Years Active: 1902 – 1983

Nationality: United States

Meyer Lanksy was a Jewish immigrant from Poland who involved in gambling both legally and illegally.

He also known as “Mob’s Accountant”, ran a gang called “Murder Inc” with notorious gangsters, Ben “Bugsy” Siegel and Charles “Lucky” Luciano. They developed Las Vegas and Havana as “open cities” for the Mob and money laundering from the Swiss bank and the London casinos.

Meyer Lansky
Source: Wikipedia

Before the Cuban revolution, he focused on setting up gambling operations in Florida, Las Vegas and Cuba. He was partly discharged for chronic ill health and died of lung cancer in 1983.

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#12. Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. | Net Worth: $300 million

Years Active: 1888 – 1969

Nationality: United States

Joseph Kennedy was the notorious criminal and from America’s one of the most prestigious family. One of his sons was President, another one was District Attorney and Presidential Candidate and the next one was a Senator.

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
Source: Wikipedia

Joseph had undergone into the liquor business and also became a bootlegger by making tie-up with New York and Chicago after made the liquor was illegal.

#13. Al Capone | Net Worth: $100 Million

Years Active: 1899 – 1947

Nationality: United States

An American gangster and businessman Al Capone have the name “Scarface” having a net worth of about $100 Million. He was one of the familiar and notorious criminals of all time.

Al Capone
Source: ESPN

Capone smuggled alcohol and also involved in the killing, maiming with gangsters. He had done some good deeds like donating money to charities and helped the communities he lived within. But he spent the last stage of his life (11 years) with poor health in prison.

#14. José Figueroa Agosto | Net Worth: $100 million

Years Active: 1964 – Present

Nationality: United States

José Figueroa Agosto was a Puerto Rican drug lord garnered millions of dollars from his drug racketeering. He also called “The Pablo Escobar of the Caribbean”, has the Agosto’s organization for making the drug traffic from the Dominican Republic to Puerto. He also had involved in the porn industry with his romantic partner.

José Figueroa Agosto
Source: Alchetron

He was sentenced to 209 years to prison for murder and drug dealings but escaped from the jail with the forged order of release. In March 2020, after completing a term of ten years, he released from prison.

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#15. Demetrius Edward “Big Meech” Flenory | Net Worth: $100 Million

Years Active: 1989 – Present

Nationality: United States

Big Meech has the drug trafficking organisation in Detroit called “The Black Mafia Family” with his brother Terry Flenory. By 2000, they established cocaine distribution sales through the US.

Big Meech
Source: Pinterest

He entered into the hip-hop music business – BMF Entertainment which served as a high profile for several artists. Both Meech and Flenory were sentenced to 30 years, but Flenory was released in May 2020. But Meech has not regretted and continued his drug trade even in jail.

#16. Frank Lucas | Net Worth: $52 million

Years Active: 1930 – 2019

Nationality: United States

Frank Lucas, drug kingpin from Harlem, convicted of various drug-related charges and heroin trade in the 1960s and 1970s during the Vietnam War. He took off the heroin trade by employing his family members in New York and New Jersey.

Frank Lucas
Source: Wikipedia

His wife, Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez also involved with him in the crimes and together were known as “black Bonnie and Clyde”. Imagine Entertainment has made the movie “American Gangster”, which describes about his life.

#17. Rayful Edmond III | Net Worth: $50 Million

Years Active: 1964 – Present

Nationality: United States

Ray Edmond III is a drug trafficker in America in the 1980s. He has a turn around of about $2 million a week from the cocaine sale and a total worth of $50 million.

Rayful Edmond III
Source: Twitter

He was arrested on April 15 in 1989 and sentenced to lifetime jail without parole. But due to cooperation with authorities, it has reduced to 40 years.

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Now we have grasped the complete information about the world’s wealthiest criminals. And the thing is by the illegal way, they got rich, but they’re proud of that. Get more crisp info by engaging with us; give your valuable points and opinion in the comment section!

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