Most Expensive Wedding-Dresses In The World
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23 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

The vital thing other than the ring is that the expensive wedding dress we wear on a special occasion. As everyone will concentrate more on the dress of wedding, here comes the people who spend lots of dollars in it. The statistics say that the worldwide bridal wear market will exceed more than $100 billion by 2030.

Here, we have listed 23 most expensive wedding dresses in the world with a minimum worth of $100,000 starting from Angelababy’s Wedding Dress to Mary Joe Connolly’s Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown.

#1 Angelababy’s Dior Wedding Dress – $31 Million

Chinese-Hong Kong model, actress, and singer Angelababy attired the most expensive custom Dior wedding dress in the world at her extravagant wedding with actor Huang Xiaoming in 2015.

They have spent about $31 million for this epic wedding dress. The dress is of about seven petticoats and a 10-foot long train with 100 hand-cut Chantilly lace roses, it took about five months to complete the design.

Angelababy's Dior Wedding Dress
Source: Popsugar

#2 The Diamond Wedding Gown – $12 Million

This gorgeous diamond wedding gown has created by the designer Renee Strauss and jeweler Martin Katz, in 2006. It will create a rich sparkle when the bride turns and moves on.

The bridal wear made up of the fined silk fabrics with 150 carats of diamonds. It is still up for sale with a price tag of $12 million.

The Diamond Wedding Gown
Source: Pinterest

#3 Yumi Katsura’s White Gold Diamond Dress – $8.5 Million

The Japanese designer, Yumi Katsura designed this marvellous bridal wear; he is having 50 years of experience as a designer. This dress adorned by precious gemstones with hand-stitched zari embroidery.

It consists of 1000 pearls and 5-carat white gold diamond, especially the 8.8-carat green diamond placed in the center. This amazing diamond wedding gown is still available for sale and its price is $8.5 million.

Yumi Katsura’s White Gold Diamond Dress
Source: Pinterest

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#4 Serena Williams’ Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress – $3.5 Million

Famous Tennis star Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian, an entrepreneur and founder of Reddit in 2017. She wore three different wedding dresses on the day.

Creative director of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton has created Serena’s fabulous bridal dress.  They spent $3.5 million on this enormous wedding gown.

Serena Williams' Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress
Source: Brides

#5 Vera Wang’s Peacock Wedding Dress – $1.5 Million

The Peacock Dress was an exquisite and quite strange choice of bridal wear; It resembled like an eye of shimmering blue and green color.

Vera Wang completed designing this dress with seven other design experts; It has made with more than 2000 peacock feathers, which created for a Wedding Expo in Nanjing, China.

Vera Wang’s Peacock Wedding Dress
Source: Pinterest

#6 Danasha Luxury Wedding Gown – $1.5 Million

The Danasha Luxury Gown adorned itself with 750 carats of Antwerp diamonds and 250 grams of 18-karat gold, using the finest costume materials to achieve the complete look. This bridal wear, exhibited at the Miami International Fashion Week in 2010, commands a whopping $1.5 million price tag.

Danasha Luxury Wedding Gown
Source: Pinterest

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#7 Victoria Swarovski’s Crystal Wedding Gown – $1.2 Million

Victoria Swarovski married to Werner Mürz in Italy and done a three-day event with 250 guests for their marriage.

This bridal wear was the most attractive dress as it had embellished with 500,000 Swarovski crystals weighing over 100 pounds. Designer Michael Cinco created the dress with a 6-meter train and a 26-foot veil.

Victoria Swarovski’s Crystal Wedding Gown
Source: Pinterest

#8 Christina Mourad’s Wedding Dress – $1 Million

Beirut based designer, Elie Saab specially designed this beautiful bridal dress to her daughter-in-law, Christina Mourad. Her wedding dress flourished with over 500,000 sequins hand-sewn made of ivory silk and champagne lurex threads with a 14 feet long train.

Elie Saab and Christina tied the knot in a “religious ceremony in Bkerki”. This sleeveless tulle embroidered dress has considered as one of the identities of luxuriant in Lebanon.

Christina Mourad's Wedding Dress
Sources: Brides

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#9 Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Bridal Gown – $500,000

Kim Kardashian and singer Kanye West tied the knot in 2014 at Italy. The Givenchy bridal wear was so surprising that it had full-length sleeves with fishtail bottom and also had a long lace train with sheer insets at her waist.

Riccardo Tisci, the famous Italian designer, created this elegant lace wedding dress. This custom-made Givenchy bridal gown estimated to cost around $500,000.

Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Bridal Gown
Source: Api News

#10 Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – $434,000

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011. Her wedding dress is giving this elegant look with 9 feet train designed by British fashion designer, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

It was a white fabric gown, and the bottom of it decorated with plenty of delicate flowers. Queen Elizabeth II gifted Middleton a shimmering tiara which had 1000 diamonds.

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress
Source: Pinterest

#11 Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding Dress – $420,000

An Italian entrepreneur, fashion blogger and designer Chiara Ferragni married rapper Fedez in 2018 at Sicily. Her dress is white bridal wear with tulle skirt and lace bodice having worth of about $420,000.

Italian fashion designer, Maria GraziaChiuri took 1600 hours to complete the design. She also got two dress from the designer as planned for the reception and the marriage.

Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding Dress
Source: People

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#12 Coleen Rooney’s Wedding Dress – $392,000

Coleen Rooney married to the professional soccer player Wayne Rooney in 2008. The couple knots their wedding in Italy with close friends and family of about 60 members.

The dress worth of about $392,000 decorated with the gigantic sweeping skirt with frilled silk organza and a plain silk ribbon at the waist.

Coleen Rooney's Wedding Dress
Source: OK Magazine

#13 Amal Clooney’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Gown – $380,000

Lebanese-British human-rights barrister, Amal Clooney married to the American actor and director, George Clooney in Venice, Italy.

Her bridal wear gained the special feature that it was the last dress created by the legendary designer Oscar De La Renta before he passed away.

The bridalwear embellished with hand embroidery with pearl detailing and intricate beading in 14 yards of Chantilly lace. This $380,000 worth of elegant and classic gown exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Amal Clooney’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Gown
Source: SW One Fashion Dubai

#14 Mauro Adami’s Wedding Dress – $372,000

Mauro Adami is an Italian designer; he designed this dress in 2008 with 40 meters of fabric silk, giving the gown a delicate metallic allure.

The delectable wedding gown has embellished with platinum threads and charming embroidered floral patterns. It was a classic masterpiece of Domo Adami collection.

Mauro Adami’s Wedding Dress
Source: Pinterest

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#15 Princess Mary’s Platinum Wedding Dress – $250,000

Princess Mary of Denmark wore a platinum wedding dress when she marries Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. Danish fashion designer Uffe Frank created this $250,000 worth bridal wear.

The bridal wear made up of ivory duchess satin with precious stones, and rare crystals, which are fully lined with silk organza. It has a sentimental touch that her mother’s wedding ring stitched near her heart.

Princess Mary’s Platinum Wedding Dress
Source: Pinterest

#16 Mariah Carey’s Wedding Dress – $250,000

An American singer-songwriter, Mariah Carey tied a knot with music executive and producer Tommy Mottola in June 1993.

Valentino, an Italian luxury fashion house, designed Carey’s stunning long-sleeve traditional bridal wear, featuring a 10-foot veil and a 27-foot train.

Carey’s Wedding Dress has priced at a whopping of $250,000. After splitting from Packer, she has done a click of throwing her wedding dress into the flame in her breakup song of “I don’t”.

Mariah Carey’s Wedding Dress
Source: Bravo TV

#17 Princess Marie-Chantal’s Wedding Dress – $225,000

Crown Princess of Greece, Marie-Chantal married Pavlos, Prince of Greece in 1995. She wore a classic full-sleeved dress cost at $250,000.

It was adorned with pearl-encrusted in a 14-foot Chantilly lace train with a tulip-shaped front. Valentino Garavani designed it with 25 people, and it took about four months to complete.

Princess Marie-Chantal's Wedding Dress
Source: Glamour

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#18 Elizabeth Taylor’s Wedding Dress – $187,931

Elizabeth Taylor, an English-American actress, had eight marriages to seven men. She wore the traditional epic dress when she got married to Conrad Hilton Jr. in 1950.

This epic wedding gown made of white satin emphasised with seed pearls and intricate beading in a chiffon overlay designed by An American costume designer Helen Rose.  It is of three-quarter length veil and has a small pearl tiara. It was more attracted with the sweetheart neckline with long sleeves.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Wedding Dress
Source: Silver Screen Modes

#19 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress – $158,874

This wedding dress will look like a fairy-tale while wearing; it was decked with the precious blue gems on the white gown, which is of about 9,999 carats. The weight of this dress is around 40 pounds.

The famous jewelry designer Huv Vo crafted this marvelous bridal wear in 2007, and it was displayed in a store in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, China. Also, it is still considering as one of the most expensive dresses in the list of 2020.

9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress
Source: Stylecraze

#20 Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Wedding Gown – $140,000

Michael Douglas, The famous American actor, tied the knot actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in 1999. She dressed up with the marvellous Christian Lacroix wedding dress.

Its decoration was stunned up with the hand-beaded designs in it. This classy sleeveless gown’s worth is about $140,000.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' Wedding Gown
Source: Frankies Facts

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#21 Bach Ngoc Xiem Y’ Wedding Dress – $117,000

Bach Ngoc Xiem Y adorned her wedding dress with more than 222 diamonds and 100 rubies on its neckline to create a glimpse look. It is made of the finest white silk and glossy silk.

The classic bridal gown is still unsold because of its exorbitant price tag. It is available for sale in the Ruby Plaza in Hanoi, Vietnam. This $117,000 dress is one of the best choices for the most expensive bridal wear.

Bach Ngoc Xiem Y’ Wedding Dress
Source: Alux

#22 Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress – $115,000 in 1981 ($342,803 in 2020)

Princess Diana Spencer wedding gown has made with an iconic ivory silk taffeta including a 25-foot train and 153-yard tulle veil. David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed the antique lace dress, sewing about 10,000 pearls and sequins onto the fabric using gold thread.

Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles in 1981 and watched by millions of people over the world. At that time, the estimated worth of her bridal gown was $115,000, but in 2020, it is priced around $342,800.

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress
Source: WedMeGood

#23 Imperial Pearl Syndicate Bridal Dress – $100,000

Mary Joe Connolly wore this imperial pearl gown to model in an interview on the Frances Langford-Don Ameche TV show. It is made of strapless white satin and silk net with a satin sash, has pleating ruffle extending down each side.

1950′s most expensive gown was so heavy of about 27 pounds with 100,000 cultured pearls and many celebrities including Diana Lynn, Nina Foch, Gloria Swanson and others can’t wear this dress for more than a half-an-hour. The designers donated this dress for the cancer fund to do a good cause, after a tour of the country.

Imperial Pearl Syndicate Bridal Dress
Source: Fashion Goalz

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Now, we saw a glance that, how designers put a timeless work and effort on it to make the incredible wedding dresses and also the people who spent the millions of amount for their bridal wear. Always, the wedding dress captures the memories of special occasions!

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