20 Best Jobs for Single Moms Without a College Degree
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20 Best Jobs for Single Moms without a College Degree

Being a mom is not an easy task in this modern era! Though technology reduces the manual effort of day-to-day life. Mom’s need several hands to deal with their daily activities.

Managing the house, preparing food, Showering kids with affection, and taking care of their family member’s health. Such responsibility holding every single mom’s shoulder.

But, they are not getting tired; women are moving one step forward to support their children financially with “Work From Home” options. There are lots of jobs available in the market for women with well-paid salary.

#1 Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry positions are a comfortable job for the stay-at-home mom. They can handle their daily routine work with the children when they are at school or home.

Necessary skills required for Data entry professional jobs such as keyboard typing practice and sharp attention to the work. It involves activities like entering data into a secure file system or Computer.

Data Entry Specialist

#2 Telemarketer

Answering the calls of the customer’s queries and enhance product sales. Need to reply politely and understand the consumer’s issue stands out with the solution for them.

This type of job is handy for women with their creative thinking and multitasking. The call records and customer’s useful information need to maintain in the system.


#3 Typist

A typist needs to be a fast typer and should know the companies policy while preparing the document for the client without grammatical error.

This job is converting the hard copy into softcopy with the set of guidelines. It is also the best job for the mom’s having reading and type knowledge.


#4 Translator

Translating one language to another language for the business dealing or help remove the language barrier are a great job the Single moms stay-at-home.

Either they need to report or creating a document in the multilingual language for two parties. Listening and reports between two different groups, translators are working in countless industries.


#5 Blogger

Developing content using different multimedia platforms for readers, viewers, and listeners. If you can write content on a topic, you are eligible to become a blogger.

Skills needed for the bloggers typing, familiars with technology, and creative thoughts to attract the readers. Best job for the moms for passive income.


#6 Create an Online Store with drop shipping

Outsourcing is where you can sell outsider items from a Drop Shipping Company while never observing or dispatching the thing. When you make a deal, the item is transported straightforwardly to the client from the drop transporter.

Mom receives profit from the customers by selling the product, added to this drop-shipping company also pays a certain amount.

Create Online Store

#7 Customer Service Representative

Client assistance delegates interface with clients for an association. They give data about items and administrations, take orders, react to client objections, and cycle returns.

Customer service representative provides accurate and fast solution according to the document problem-solving. Naturally, mom having problem-solving skills, they may good role player for this job.

Customer Service Representative

#8 Event Planner

Yes, it tends to be a corporate gig that includes organizing huge office capacities, retreats, and gatherings. Yet occasion organizers additionally head up everything from the extreme wedding with 500 visitors or a kid’s fifth birthday celebration party with family and cohorts.

Whatever the case, somebody needs to put together those exceptional events. What’s more, if it’s your own business, you direct how a lot (or how little) work you can take on.

Event Planner

#9 Homemade Crafts

Lots of creative moms like to do craft things for their house. They can make money from the crafts making at home in their free time.

The secret to being fruitful at selling high-quality artwork is having a reasonable cause of provisions, an opportunity to make your products without wearing out, and estimating them to sell.

Homemade Crafts

#10 Hairstylist

Different styles suit different faces, ought to choose our hairstyle according to the face structure. On the off chance that they aren’t busy with trimming hair themselves, they ensuring staff is taking care of the work appropriately.

There are additionally online surveys that need answers and web-based media that should on refreshed.


#11 Dietitian

In these Corona Periods, Health-conscious increases among people. But, they are not willing to visit hospitals. This situation increases the freelance opportunity for the mom to guide people to follow proper diet control.

From home, Mom can address them with a regular food cycle according to their age and weight.


#12 Graphic/Logo Designer

Computerized and visual creators can discover incredible jobs that permit the task to be done totally from home and frequently on an adaptable timetable.

In a visual depiction vocation, you may make logos or advertisements, help plan the look and feel of a site, or make signage, pamphlets, or other enlightening materials.

Graphic Designer
Image Source: Attentiongetters

#13 Personal Trainer

Functioning as an independent fitness coach additionally implies you acquire 100% of the benefit. You likewise will set your expense plan. A few mentors utilize hourly rates others make bundles for their customers.

Independently employed mentors can pick their customers. They don’t have to restrict themselves to just rec center club individuals.

Personal Trainer
Image Source: Stocksy

#14 Registered Massage Therapist

Registered Massage specialists improve their customers’ well-being and solace by kneading the sore, tense, and harmed regions of their bodies.

They speak with customers to pinpoint which zones consideration, decide the wellspring of inconvenience, and pick the best back rub methods to apply to the circumstance. Either you can be a master to teach online.

Registered Massage Therapist

#15 Life Coach

Suggestions focus on reasonable desires. You’ll need to make venturing stones for depression instead of overpowering or unreachable objectives. Meeting with customers routinely to examine their enhancements and progress in gathering their wishes.

You’ll likewise be answerable for supporting and spurring individuals as they pursue the way of life upgrades.

Life Coach

#16 Nanny/Babysitter

The babysitter is one of the best employment for a single parent without any capabilities. You have all the involvement to show for the minding. Numerous caretakers are permitted to bring their kids along. Planning and organizing kids’ exercises.

A decent babysitter is trusty, dependable, and ready to train the kids as per the family’s nurturing style. She should be an individual the guardians feel completely good their most valuable resources.


#17 Rent out baby gear

Make money from renting baby kinds of stuff like Care seats, cots, spare strollers, and other baby products by posting on websites. Interested people will list their needs while they are traveling with toddlers.

It’s an issue to go with all the infant and youngster gear you require to appreciate a protected, unwinding, and fun get-away experience. Stay-at-home moms to become fruitful rent out baby gear while likewise assisting families with voyaging simpler.

Rent out Baby Gear

#18 Clean Houses

The obligations of a housekeeper are not only simple to cleaning and keeping up house offices. It is essential to maintain the environment neat and clean.

A housekeeper is responsible for keeping a protected and clean climate while likewise focusing on customers’ or administration clients’ desires. Mom’s can implement their creative ideas while cleaning the house and get the best pay for their work.

Become a Housekeeper

#19 Do Laundry

Current laundries are typically perfect and well lit. They are by and loud, hot, and moist.

Some clothing laborers are utilized by firms that work in leasing and cleaning outfits, diapers, towels, or different materials. Can collect laundry from various house washing, cleaning, ironing, and folding.

Laundry Worker

#20 Caterer

Catering helps women to prepare food for the required one in the contract base. They make a contract to preparing food only for lunch only for staffs in the working hours to an organization.

This job saves every mom time, also take care of their family members. Meanwhile time they can do small-scale catering services for their passive income.



Every mom has the frim thought to be stand out financially independent. Sound mind helps the society to enhance the growth in the country economy. As well, more opportunities for the mom are emerging without disturbing their family lives.

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